About Us

Social Advance is a non-profit citizens action organization formed to work toward the four goals of Citizen Empowerment, Emergent Economics, Responsive Democracy and Universal Respect.

You can become a member of Social Advance if you agree with our goals and send us your contact information. We will send an occasional email on organizational news, including invitations to events.

If you are interested in becoming a voting member of Social Advance, add a message in the message box and we will contact you with further information.


Decisions for Social Advance are made by a Board of Directors, the members of which are elected annually for staggered two-year terms by the voting members of the organization. The current Board is composed of:

Alan Zundel: A former political science professor who has worked on election reform for over a decade, Alan was the Pacific Green Party candidate for Oregon Secretary of State in 2016.

Charles Dunaway: After a career in IT, Charles is now Producer and Host of a radio show and podcast called Wider View that focuses on international news.

Randy Prince: Schooled in history and education,  Randy’s political activism began in the Vietnam era and extends to present-day work for Neighborhood Associations and the City Club of Eugene.  Following an extended tree-sit to save old growth forest in the late 1980s he promoted environmentalism with three campaigns for elective office.


Social Advance holds an annual membership meeting in March to elect new Directors to the Board, and an additional membership meeting in the fall. Social Advance is based in Lane County, Oregon.


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